ASENTICS vision technology  
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ASENTICS vision technology
Research & Development

“Known how”:
ASENTICS’ superior application experiences make the difference in practice.

However ingenious the software may be – a quality inspection by industrial image processing cannot be realised without the corresponding hardware combination. For this reason, thoroughly selecting intelligent sensors, code readers, computers or computer configurations, cameras, optics and lightings are extremely important since the correct combination directly depends on industrial environment, light conditions, production processes, rates of production etc.

Therefore, the application department of ASENTICS carefully examines both the products as well as the production conditions in order to compile the perfect equipment of hard- and software for your inspection tasks.

This also includes extensive sample analyses – namely under exactly those conditions which are to be found in the production. ASENTICS vision technology has special laboratories for these quality inspections, which can realistically simulate the environmental conditions.

The results of this pedantically exact proceeding are perfection, a maximum of safety – and an unproblematic integration of the image processing into the production processes.

This attitude allows ASENTICS, again and again, to access the extremely sensible markets of the pharmaceutical and medical industries.