ASENTICS vision technology  
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ASENTICS vision technology
Research & Development

Intensively searching the individually best solution – that is the goal of our consulting services at any stage of the attendance cycle.

A real surplus for your company – that is our first priority goal when solving customer problems. At the beginning there is a conversation – and a detailed analysis of the ACTUAL situation. According to your information, our qualified personnel examine the situation at site: The products that have to be inspected as well as all procedures of the production processes and the environmental conditions.

Clearly outlined analysis methods, practice-oriented proceedings, manifold industry knowledge and our specialised know-how enable us to quickly and precisely get to the point and to clearly define the starting and target situations.

The knowledge gained this way is the basis for an internal briefing that an experienced and creative team draws up for the departments of research & development and application. This briefing already explores the ins and outs of the different technologies and equipments that are useful for realising this task.

Our recommendations are always designed to provide our customers with a high degree of independence. So, at any time, you will be in the position to make changes or to input new parameters at the image processing system on your own.

Detailed discussions with customers and a competent consulting result in safe and realizable solutions – both within the scope of already existing as well as for new production environments. We consider these results to be overall solutions which will be implemented in your productions processes and which will help you producing a maximum of quality at the highest level.