ASENTICS vision technology  
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ASENTICS vision technology
Research & Development

To make good things better and to continuously expand the benefit of our overall services – that are the most essential goals for ASENTICS’ research and development.

Research and development are the decisive factors for continuously developing trend-setting products. For this reason, a team of 35 development engineers is doing research in the hard- and software fields – always searching for new industry-specific and customized solutions for the industrial image processing.

Developing the image processing software and continuously expanding our hardware platform are playing the key role. We are ambitious to create better and better conceptions for the requirements, which will convert complex inspection tasks into simple, modules that are easy to understand. This way, our customers will be more and more in the position to change processes of the industrial image processing on their own at low cost and, perhaps, even to implement new processes or modified inspection tasks.

It is obvious that we can only obtain this simplification by not expecting any image processing or programming knowledge from our customers. That is why all software products and systems of ASENTICS vision technology have a menu-driven user surface, known from the Microsoft-world, offering a fast orientation and, thus, reducing training periods.

But research & development at ASENTICS does also mean to keep a focus on future markets and key technologies. Therefore, own developments of micro-processor systems, ASICs or programmable logic are natural for us. Only this way, it is possible to scale the gained knowledge and developments in image processing products for mass markets and mass applications.