ASENTICS vision technology
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ASENTICS vision technology



Line Sensor IZS 1024

IZS 1024 is an intelligent line sensor for determining geometrical sizes like width, length, edge position and position. According to the selected program, the image data are evaluated in the sensor already and the result is output at the interfaces. This way, many monitoring and sorting tasks can very easily be realised.

Fields of application:

  • Line goods control and positioning, sag control
  • Geometry control and position control of building components
  • Control of completeness
  • Presence monitoring
  • Object counting

Features and Benefits:

  • Program for measuring widths, edge and middle positions and for counting
  • Numerous connecting possibilities
    • Power output 4...20 mA
    • 3 SPS-switching outputs
    • RS232-interface
    • CAN-Bus (option)
  • Sensor configuration via PC software
  • High measuring rate (2 kHz)
  • Robust splash-proof housing (protection class lP 65)
  • Suitable for measuring incident and counter lights
  • Attractive price

The attached configuration program is used for a PC-supported configuration of the measuring program and for an adjustment of the monitoring limiting values.

Selectable programs:

  • Width measuring
  • Line tracing
  • Position measuring of the centre of object
  • Edge measuring
  • Object counting

Technical data