Foods and Beverages

Quality assurance in the food and beverage industry is an absolute necessity today, especially with the increasing need of automation within the production, processing, packaging and logistics of foods, which are becoming even faster and more precise. Therefore it is more important than ever to visually inspect all production steps from the harvest through the processing to the sale in order to guarantee a complete product tracking and faultless quality. ASENTICS image processing applications and components offer you the opportunity to meet these requirements and ensure quality at a high level.
ASENTICS vision systems monitor sorting, cutting, portioning, classifying, printed packaging, barcode, BBD or batch number for fruit, vegetables, salads, eggs, sausages, cheese, chocolate and beverages.

All ASENTICS products and applications are Industry 4.0 compatible and communicate with OPC UA upon request

Typical applications are:

  • Surface inspection
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Completeness control

  • Position check

  • Part recognition
  • Color image control

  • Barcodes, Data-Matrixcodes

  • Barcodes, Data-Matrixcodes

  • Image processing for collaborative robots in packaging

  • Dimensional accuracy check

  • General quality control

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