Sealing inspection


Setting New Standards in Elastomer Inspection

The Asentics VARIO4 sets a new benchmark for high-precision fully automated inspection of many rotational symmetric seals.
Asentics VARIO4 is designed for the inspection of batches. The seals are internally fed and separated automatically. Depending on the size and material of the part, it is possible to carry out a 360° check on up to 12 parts per second using six 9-megapixel cameras.
Asentics VARIO4 uses a symmetrical test concept with two glass rings lying adjacent to each other so that the test environment is identical on both sides. In addition, the high-resolution height measuring device (HR-HMU) on the first glass ring measures the height of the test object with a sensor resolution of 7 μm.
The Asentics VARIO4 ensures optimum ergonomic operation for the user. In addition, a slight overpressure in the device largely prevents the ingress of dust from the environment.

Advantages at a glance:

  • 360° Check

  • High resolution inspection
  • Scalable scope of inspection

  • SDS – Specific Defect Sorting
  • Throughput: up to 12 parts/sec.

  • Outer diameter: 5 – 50 mm (min. – max.)

  • Height: up to 9 mm
  • 5-9 Megapixel cameras

Smallest size of defect in µm (for 5/9 MP cameras):
  • Topside sensor: 58 / 48

  • Inside Sensor: 62 / 55

  • Outside Sensor: 63 / 55

  • Dimension: 19 / 16 radial

  • HMU – Height Monitoring Unit: 10 µm resolution


The cost-efficient & flexible inspection system for special sealing types

The Asentics BASIC2 sets standards in combining performance and efficiency.
Due to a one glass plate design, the BASIC2 is ideal for the inspection of seals that are not suitable for a typical turning station, e.g. because of a special shape or material. The optical inspection is done by the high-precision camera sensors known from the Asentics VARIO4, which can be installed above as well as below the glass plate for a two-sided inspection.
In addition, a FASTLINE™ crack test sensor, which inspects up to 3 parts per seconds and a 3D geometry test sensor can be integrated.
The feeder offers a large storage volume and is built into the overall system to save space.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Ideal for the inspection of special sealing types

  • High throughput: up to 15 parts/second

  • Excellent price/performance ratio

  • Variable camera sensor equipment

  • Flexible feeding and direct connection to packaging systems

  • FASTLINE™ sensor for highspeed crack inspection


Precise Surface Inspection of Big Seals

Asentics COMPACT2 is the leading system to inspect seals up to 100 mm OD. Both sides of the seal are checked for surface defects, shape and dimensional accuracy. All parts are evaluated and sorted into good or bad. Optionally, the height and planarity of the seals can be determined. Afterwards the test results are displayed on the screen using the comprehensive statistics module.
The inspection system COMPACT2 is suitable for use in continuous production as well as for the inspection of individual batch sizes.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Extra-large part spectrum

  • Open feeding concept

  • Large reversing station for reliable transport, even with metal/rubber combinations

  • Throughput: up to 12 parts/sec

  • Dimension: 5 – 100 mm OD < 10 mm height

  • Accuracy: 20 – 90 µm (min. – max.)


Ultra-fast and reliable sorting and packing of elastomer seals

The Asentics EASY is an automatic quality assurance inspection system for standard circular seals and customised non-circular seals (frame seals).
The system is designed to measure a broad range of products precisely and to serve for an ultra-fast sorting and bag packing. As the part passes through the system, a high-precision optical dimension sensor and optionally a height monitoring unit (HMU) are determining the seal´s quality. Each single part is exactly counted and can be automatically sorted (Check & Sort) and/or packed with precise amount of parts with an optional automatic bag packaging system (Check & Pack).

Advantages at a glance:

  • Variable part spectrum

  • Up to 100 mm OD

  • High-speed packaging performance

  • Throughput: up to 12 parts/sec

  • Product and order selection via barcode scanner

  • Small footprint


Precise surface inspection of miniature sealing rings

The Asentics MICRO inspection system is the only system in its class to offer automatic and highly accurate testing of even the smallest sealing rings.
The system consists of two functional sections, the separation unit, which separates O-rings and seals with an outside diameter of 1 to 8 mm, and the inspection unit, which inspects both sides of the seal for surface defects, shape and dimensional accuracy.
The Height Monitoring Unit (HMU) is a standard feature of the Asentics MICRO Inspection System. It inspects the planarity and rejects glued rings just prior to inspection.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum inspection performance for micro-rings

  • Exact detection of the smallest defects

  • Universal feeding system

  • Throughput: 3 parts/sec

  • Part size: 1.5 – 5 mm (min. – max.)

  • Smallest detectable defect size: 30 µm


Easy, Fast and Precise Dimension Measurement

The manually operated inspection system Asentics AUTOGAUGE allows dimensional control for parts from 5mm to 150mm outer diameter. It consists of a computer unit, a supply unit and the special evaluation and operating software.
The simple operation requires only the insertion of a part with subsequent manual triggering of the image acquisition. The result of the inspection is visualized on the monitor with display of the measured values.
In addition, the inspection system Asentics AUTOGAUGE can be equipped with a 10 μm precise height measuring unit (HMU) to inspect the part height.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Precise inspection result

  • Large parts spectrum through innovative two-point calibration

  • Easy-to-use plug and play system

  • Field of view: 60 or 120 mm

  • Height: 8 mm with HR-HMU

  • Resolution: 63 – 124 µm (min. – max.)

  • Accuracy: 30 – 60 µm (min. – max.)

  • Easy network integration thanks to optional Ethernet network card

Upgrade Kit VARIOplus

Increase performance and extend service life

The Upgrade Kit VARIOplus modernizes the VARIO1 & VARIO2 inspection systems. It makes the machine ready for the future thanks to improved spare parts availability and increases throughput due to the improved computing power of the new industrial rack computer. There is also access to all updates of the ASENTICS inspection software.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Increased service life thanks to the guarenteed availability of spare parts

  • More throughput due to increased processing power (150% more throughput on average!)

  • Retrofitting of new image processing sensors is possible

  • Implementation of the latest ASENTICS inspection software

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