Industry 4.0

People, machines, means of production and products will communicate directly with each other in the future. Everything is globally networked with everything, it can if necessary at any time the status of the customer order up to the quality control at any place in the world queried, intervened or controlled. The data generated from a wide range of areas opens up completely new possibilities of intelligent and efficient
Production. All objects influence each other through an autonomous data exchange, can be individually controlled and thus enable a reliable, intelligent and autonomous action. Industrial image processing is a pioneer and key technology for this networked production process. No other component collects and interprets as much data as the image processing today. It is important to verify and process the “seen” at every stage of production and to make the results available to the systems in the value added network. It is not just a statement to make, whether a part is good or bad, but in the sequence to control a smart act.

As a result of its active participation in the VDMA, ASENTIC played a key role in the development of Companions Specs to the OPC UA standard and has helped to ensure that the documents are now recognized by the entire automation industry.

All ASENTICS products and applications are Industry 4.0 compatible and “speak” OPC UA on request.

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Typical applications are:

  • Networking

  • visualization

  • quality control

  • process control

  • data generation

  • increase efficiency

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