Dr. Horst G. Heinol-Heikkinen
(Managing director ASENTICS GmbH & Co. KG

The combination of a scientific edge and superior application know-how makes ASENTICS one of the world’s leading suppliers of image processing systems

Improving what is good already and transforming today’s trends into the intelligent solutions of tomorrow – that is the task we set ourselves for industrial image processing. As one of the world’s leading providers in a fast growing market, we offer ideal qualifications for fulfilling these high expectations.

We are also optimally placed for the future thanks to our highly qualified personnel, a complete design chain from ASIC to software solutions, an outstanding R&D department and a healthy curiosity to search for new industry and customer specific solutions.


First-class hardware and software, many years of experience and a highly efficient infrastructure enable us to provide comprehensive solutions.

With ASENTICS the two key technologies „intelligent sensors“ and „complex image processing systems“ complement each other in an ideal way. Combined with a highly efficient infrastructure we offer holistic solutions that are both future-proof and extremely economical.

Therefore, ASENTICS customers benefit twice: Firstly from our technological leadership in hardware development and secondly from our superior application experience as a result of many successful installations in a wide range of industries.


Asentics VARIO sets new standards in elastomer inspection

With the Sealing Inspection product range, Asentics VARIO GmbH offers its own services and products along the entire test chain for the quality control of elastomer sealing rings. Asentics VARIO GmbH is the only supplier able to support the manufacturers of the sealing rings at the exit control as well as the processors of the sealing rings in the delivery and assembly control in sense of an automatic optical surface inspection.