5 Questions 1 Topic – The ASENTICS BASIC2

“A special inspection system, for special seals”.

The BASIC2 is one of the latest product solutions that ASENTICS supplies in the field of seal control. The most important details about the BASIC2, compactly summarised in 5 questions and 5 answers:

The ASENTICS BASIC2 combines two criteria:

  • Inspection of special seals

    The shape and material of seals can be very variable. Complex contours or unusual materials are common reasons that make it impossible to turn the gaskets (for inspection on both sides). For this reason, classic inspection systems (with two glass plates) are not the optimal solution.
    The BASIC2 is designed for the inspection of special seals and enables the inspection of both sides without the need to turn the seals.

  • Maximum utilisation in terms of efficiency – in all areas

    The BASIC2 is a single glass plate inspection system. The elimination of the second glass plate and the turning station contribute significantly to cost reduction, both in terms of purchase and service. In addition, the high machine availability guarantees minimum downtimes.
    Not to be neglected is also the compact design of the BASIC2, which leaves valuable space available in the production environment.

The most important figures and features at a glance:

  • High and reliable throughput of up to 15 parts per second

  • Highest accuracy thanks to 12MP sensors

  • Flexible and individual selection of optical components

  • Inspection of test parts with an outer diameter of up to 70mm

  • Enables testing of ordinary sealing rings as well as frame seals

More details and technical data can be found in the Datasheet ASENTICS BASIC2

No, the high efficiency of the BASIC2 does not reduce the performance of the machine. The quality of the optics modules is the same for every inspection system. The BASIC2 is equipped with the same contingent of optical modules that are also used in our high-performance inspection system VARIO4, for example.

There is no “standard equipment” with regard to optics. The optical components of each individual machine are selected individually and specifically for the customer’s requirements and inspection tasks.
For the basic tasks such as surface and dimension inspection, the BASIC2 is equipped with the Topside, Bottomside and Dimension sensors.
However, the BASIC2 can be equipped with a total of six sensors. Possible additional checks are: Outer surface check, height check, crack check and colour check of seals.

In concrete terms, this means that the BASIC2 is incredibly versatile in its possibilities. Depending on how it is equipped, the machine can serve as a cost-effective inspection system or as a specialist for inspecting special seals by exhausting the options provided by our selection of high-precision optics modules.

We place a particularly high priority on reducing maintenance and service costs. This applies not only to the development of a new machine, but also to its ongoing operation. ASENTICS inspection systems are therefore always robust and low-maintenance.
With the BASIC2, this point is expressed above all by the absence of the second glatelator. As a result, the already low service effort is reduced even further and the associated costs are significantly lowered.
In addition, we strive at all times to implement measures that can simplify service processes and make them more efficient. For this reason, we are already taking advantage of the possibilities offered by Remote Service in combination with Augmented Reality.

You can find more information about Remote Service and Augmented Reality

We at ASENTICS are actively involved in the design and practical implementation of Industry 4.0. With Dr. Heinol-Heikkinen (Managing Director of the ASENTICS Group), ASENTICS is a representative member of all relevant boards and committees that deal with future-oriented measures for the machine vision and automation industry.
Thus, not only the BASIC2, but all of our machines “speak” OPC UA, which is the basic requirement for interoperable networking of the machine with the production environment.

ASENTICS inspection systems are a guarantee for the full exploitation of both current and future measures made possible by advances in the field of Industry 4.0.

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