Remote Service with Augmented Reality – Why it makes so much sense

True to the motto “moving with the times”, Remote Service established itself worldwide due to the pandemic and was long overdue as a key factor in the service sector. At ASENTICS, we even go one step further. Our claim goes beyond purely verbal or written communication and is: communication supported by visual guidance. For this reason, we rely on remote service in combination with augmented reality. In a live transmission, we accompany you step by step to service success – even when working on highly complex technology.

We use the established and secure software “TeamViewer Assist AR”. All you need is the free TeamViewer Pilot App. After pairing, our service technician sees the transmission of your end device (smartphone or tablet) and off you go.

The advantages are summarised briefly and at a glance:

  • Quick and easy handling of service activities

  • Immense cost savings due to lower service effort and reduced downtime

  • Risk of error in self-performed service measures is reduced enormously

  • The overall time flexibility of Remote Service

A useful example shows and illustrates the advantages of Remote Service in combination with Augmented Reality

A classic and important example is the condition check of wear parts, such as the drive belts on our VARIO4 inspection system. The belts are used to transmit torque to the glass plates, so regular inspection of these belts is crucial to prevent unscheduled failure. The procedure for such an inspection is divided into the following steps:

Checking wear parts such as drive belts is only a small part of the range of service measures that we can carry out with you and with the help of Remote Service. For example, the complete commissioning of an inspection system or assistance with the training of new product types are also significant applications.

Do you have any questions or would you like to find out more about the possible applications of Remote Service? Simply call us at +49 (0) 271 / 303 91-0 or