5 Questions, 1 Topic – The new Very High Resolution Height Monitoring Unit (VHR-HMU)

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Earlier this year we announced the 12MP upgrade for the Topside, Outside and Dimension sensors. Now our own drive for innovation and optimisation is influencing our next optics module. The Height-Monitoring Unit (HMU), one of our strongest in-house developments, is being complemented by a new model: the VHR-HMU

The main tasks of the VHR-HMU are:

  • Height monitoring of the test object

  • Waviness control

  • Detect planarity deviations

  • Position recognition

  • Generate trigger signals

At the forefront was the functional optimisation of the classic HMU, taking full backwards compatibility into account. The bare figures underpin the absolutely alternativeless status in the market:

  • Doubling the resolution: 1024 pixels → 2048 pixels

  • Tenfold increase in line frequency (determines the amount of “lines” captured per second): 5 kHz → 50 kHz

  • Higher measuring range: 10 mm → 15 mm

Taken as a whole, the VHR-HMU creates and enters a whole new performance class in the field of height control of elastomer seals.

Will your performance requirements for image processing increase in the future? Do you need reliable height control even for complex contours? Is your existing height control system limiting you in certain projects? The veritable answer is: VHR-HMU.
The new, significantly more powerful processor not only speeds up the evaluation, but also removes a technical handicap for future further developments. In concrete terms, this means that the newly gained potential enables new software functions, making challenging inspections even more reliable or even possible in the first place.

The VHR-HMU is available for all our seal inspection systems (VARIO4, BASIC2, COMPACT2, EASY, MICRO, AUTOGAUGE).
In addition, the optics module is downward compatible and can of course be retrofitted into older systems (e.g. VARIO3).

Yes, in addition to the VHR-HMU, the classic HMU is still available.

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