Remote service with augmented reality – service has never been easier & safer

For the best possible service and support from a distance, we rely on remote service in combination with augmented reality. This not only saves time and money, but also significantly reduces the risk of errors in service activities carried out by the customer.

But what is augmented reality and how does it improve our remote service?

Augmented reality refers to the computer-supported addition of virtual elements to reality.
In a transmission through smart glasses or a tablet camera, our engineer or service technician can mark the relevant components of a machine in real time and communicate the necessary work steps at the same time. The best thing is that the virtual markings “stick” to the objects, even if they are temporarily no longer in the picture.
Step by step, faults can thus be eliminated remotely, planned service measures carried out or commissioning completed.

For Remote Service incl. Augmented Reality we use the established and secure software “TeamViewer Assist AR”. All YOU need is the free “TeamViewer Pilot” app for Android or iOS.

For more information around TeamViewer Assist AR, visit the official website TeamViewer Augmented Reality or write to us.

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