OPC UA for Machine Vision – Part 2 released!

At the end of 2019, the VDMA OPC Machine Vision Initiative published Part 1 of the OPC UA Machine Vision Companion Specifications, creating an interface standard for the entire machine vision industry. ASENTICS was instrumental in the design, drafting and implementation of the standard, which can be seen as a major milestone for interoperability within the production chain.

Development of the OPC UA Machine Vision Companion Specification Part 2

Immediately after the completion of Part 1, the conceptual design and work on Part 2 began, and so the working group, led by Dr. Heinol-Heikkinen (Managing Director ASENTICS Group), presented the draft VDMA 40100-2:2022-11 in September of this year. In terms of content, Part 2 is particularly focused on the components of a machine vision system. Clear benefits that arise with the mapping of the composition of a machine vision system are information and data around the topic of service & maintenance, from the overall system to individual components.

Technological advantage through image processing from ASENTICS

As with Part 1 and the associated implementation of the OPC UA interface standard, Part 2 will also be available for all ASENTICS image processing systems in the future.

More information and a download option of the draft VDMA 40100-2:2022-11 can be found on the official VDMA website at the following link:

VDMA 40100-2:2022-11 – VDMA

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