NOW AVAILABLE: 12 megapixel sensors for the Asentics VARIO4

Driven by the will to spot even the smallest defects.


This gigantic number is the amount of pixels that a single sensor of the VARIO4 takes image by image in 100ms. If you continue this calculation and assume the typically seven sensors of the VARIO4, you get 840,000,000 pixels that the inspection system processes per second. Such a high resolution is the key to detecting the tiniest scratches, inclusions, cracks or other defects.

Pictures speak more than a thousand words. The following comparison picture demonstrates the superiority of a 12MP sensor (right) compared to 5MP (left) in the crack inspection of an O-ring seal.


If the sensor operates with 12MP, the surface structure of the O-ring is displayed much more brilliantly and in greater detail. As a result, the smallest defects are recognized far better or at all (easy to see from the crack on the face of the seal).

The 12MP technology is not only available for the flagship Asentics VARIO4, but for the entire product family. With the upgrade, the inspection system manifests itself repeatedly as the industry leader for fully automatic seal inspection. You can find more information about the VARIO4 here or in our datasheet.

The sensors are of course selected according to your requirements in terms of accuracy. In addition to 12MP, 5MP sensors are still available for the VARIO4 or for the other inspection systems.

Defects so small that you have almost given up looking for the right test system? Challenge the VARIO4!