Official start of the Industrial Digital Twin Association – ASENTICS is involved!

Another important milestone has been reached.

March 1st, 2021 marks the official go-live of the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA). The aim is to use the already established digital twin as an interoperable core technology for all future developments with regard to Industry 4.0.

Dr. Horst Heinol-Heikkinen (Managing Director ASENTICS Group) is Deputy Chairman of IDTA and sums up the importance of this significant step:

„The Digital Twin is the key investment in the future viability and crisis resilience of mechanical engineering. It is also the effective tool for implementing all of those I4.0 standardization measures. But above all, it is the enabler of our future business fields. With the IDTA we have now gained creative momentun – let’s do this!”

ASENTICS has been part of IDTA from the start. Take advantage of it!

Innovation creates a head start. ASENTICS is actively involved in developing the standards for the digital future of industry. As a result, ASENTICS customers benefit from all the achievements in this innovation process and thus gain a significant head start in digitizing their own value chain.

For more information about the Industrial Digital Twin Association, visit: