The new FASTLINE sensor – ultra-fast and easy crack inspection of elastomer seals

For illustration purposes the inspection is shown in slow motion.

The inspection options for elastomer seals are extremely diverse. Although dimensions must be checked or dirt and imperfections must be inspected, the Asentics test systems are equipped with the appropriate optical modules for every application.

This contingent of high-precision image processing sensors is now being expanded. The new FASTLINE sensor enables the particularly challenging inspection of hidden cracks, which are only made visible by a profile deformation. The seals are transported through the special fastline conveyor line. As a result of the stretch, the crack gapes, becomes visible to the optical module and the seal is sorted out as defective.
With a throughput of up to 4 parts / second, the FASTLINE sensor sets benchmarks for the fully automatic inspection of hidden cracks and is now available inspection system ASENTICS EASY.

  • 360° check for hidden cracks

  • Throughput up to 4 parts/second

  • Now available for the ASENTICS EASY

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