Increase performance and extend service life – with the Upgrade Kit VARIOplus

A crucial criterion for business sustainability is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In this cost analysis, not only the purchase price is taken into account, but also all operating costs within the life cycle.

At ASENTICS, this sustainability is a key factor for all systems and products. Over 100 VARIO inspection systems of the first generation have already been upgraded and modernized with the Upgrade Kit VARIOplus. These systems, which have been in use for more than 15 years, now benefit from the increased performance and use the new potential that results from the consistent technical development of ASENTICS inspection systems. This means:

  • Increased service life thanks to the guarenteed availability of spare parts

  • More throughput due to increased processing power (150% more throughput on average!)

  • Retrofitting of new image processing sensors is possible

  • Higher resolution for better error detection

  • Implementation of the latest ASENTICS inspection software

The Upgrade Kit VARIOplus modernizes the inspection systems VARIO1 and VARIO2, ensures a considerable extension of the life cycle and thereby reduces the total cost of ownership signicantly.

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