Individual and highly flexible – the possible uses of the Asentics EASY

Individual, universal and yet inexpensive. In combination, these are mostly contradicting properties that are difficult to achieve, especially with optical inspection systems. Asentics EASY fulfills this balancing act brilliantly.

Asentics EASY consists of a core element, the transport system. This core element can be equipped with additional components according to requirements and wishes.
For the optical inspection of seals, up to two optical modules with different inspection tasks can be installed.
Flexibility also with regard to the follow-up processes. The EASY can be equipped with a fully automatic packaging machine, or the test parts are allocated to different containers.

The result is an inspection system tailored to individual needs. The different equipment options can be:

EASY as an effective and economical inspection system

The EASY can be equipped with up to two optical modules for the inspection of selected and significant features. The inspection tasks can be:

  • Geometry control (measuring outside and inside diameter, cord thickness or edge lengths)

  • Profile analysis (e.g. height or waviness)

  • Colour check

  • Check for residual burr

  • Check for contour errors & completeness

EASY for crack inspection

The EASY combined with the new FASTLINE sensor is a cost-effective inspection system for the fully automatic inspection of hidden cracks. With a throughput of up to 4 parts/second, the FASTLINE crack inspection is the leader in terms of speed.
As a result, the ASENTICS EASY with the FASTLINE sensor is an ideal addition to existing optical inspection systems that perform standard tasks.

  • FASTLINE sensor

EASY as a sorting system

In certain application cases, a purely optical feature recognition is sufficient and the “recognition” of the test part is enough. The EASY is ideally suited for sorting seals of different sizes, which are manufactured at the same time due to better tool utilization.

  • Sorting based on geometric features

  • Sort on the basis of color characteristics

EASY as a packaging unit

Counting, sorting and packing seals in bags. After the inspection, the seals are precisely fed into a bag and sealed. Optionally, an additive can be inserted automatically before welding. A label printer can also print and apply various labels.

Of course, with the option of performing an optical inspection in advance.

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