Dr. Horst Heinol-Heikkinen re-elected to two VDMA boards

From left to right: Donato Montanari (Deevio), Martin Klenke (Teledyne Imaging), Mark Williamson (STEMMER IMAGING), Uwe Wiedermann (ISRA VISION), Olaf Munkelt (MVTec Software), Horst Heinol-Heikkinen (ASENTICS Group), Heiko Frohn VITRONIC)

September 2021 was an important election month at VDMA. Dr Horst Heinol-Heikkinen (Managing Director ASENTICS Group) was again elected to the VDMA boards for the “Machine Vision” department and the “Robotics + Automation” association.

“As far as standardisation is concerned, we are at a crossroads: will we (the Europeans) set the standard for open and interoperable communication in the digital factory of the future, or will other players win this race? I will continue to be passionate that we will set this standard. In the VDMA, we have already reached important milestones with the publication of OPC UA Companion specifications. Now we need to take our initiative to a much higher level (the whole smart factory) in collaboration with the whole industry. We need to ensure that the VDMA Companion specifications also meet the requirements of a Digital Twin. This requires not only the famous looking beyond one’s own nose, but also a clear commitment to cooperate with other ventures. Don’t hesitate, act!”

– Dr. Horst Heinol-Heikkinen

Since 2006 (Machine Vision Department) and 2009 (Robotics + Automation Association), Dr Heinol-Heikkinen has been active on both boards and continues to be responsible for the range of Industry 4.0 topics such as disseminating, accompanying and steering new OPC UA initiatives. A high degree of continuity in action is ensured by the many years of experience on both boards, which Dr Heinol-Heikkinen co-founded with great commitment and passion.